Maria E. Eriksson
Maria E. Eriksson
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Plant Physiology, UPSC, Ume University
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The role of phytochrome A and gibberellins in growth under long and short day conditions
ME Eriksson
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Partners in time: EARLY BIRD associates with ZEITLUPE and regulates the speed of the Arabidopsis clock
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Plant Physiology 155 (4), 2108-2122, 2011
Transgenic hybrid aspen trees with increased gibberellin (GA) concentrations suggest that GA acts in parallel with FLOWERING LOCUS T 2 to control shoot elongation
ME Eriksson, D Hoffman, M Kaduk, M Mauriat, T Moritz
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Circadian and Plastid Signaling Pathways Are Integrated to Ensure Correct Expression of the CBF and COR Genes during Photoperiodic Growth
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New Phytologist 218 (4), 1491-1503, 2018
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IH Michelson, PK Ingvarsson, KM Robinson, E Edlund, ME Eriksson, ...
Physiologia plantarum 162 (1), 123 -134, 2018
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