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Ree Redistribution Textures in Altered Fluorapatite: Symplectites, Veins, and Phosphate-Silicate-Carbonate Assemblages from the Nolans Bore P-REE-Th Deposit, Northern Territory …
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AD Burnham
Imperial College London, 2012
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Molybdenum isotope fractionation between Mo4+ and Mo6+ in silicate liquid and metallic Mo
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Chemical Geology, 2018
Diamonds from the Juina-5 kimberlite provide evidence for crustal volatile recycling into the deep Earth
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Tracking Crust-Mantle Recycling through Superdeep Diamonds and their Mineral Inclusions
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AD Burnham
Raman Mapping of Mineral Inclusions in Diamonds and other Mineral Samples
A Burnham, D James
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