Yogesh Sharma
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Y Sharma, P Misra, SP Pavunny, RS Katiyar
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Y Sharma, S Sahoo, W Perez, S Mukherjee, R Gupta, A Garg, ...
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R Agarwal, Y Sharma, S Chang, KC Pitike, C Sohn, SM Nakhmanson, ...
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Y Sharma, SP Pavunny, E Fachini, JF Scott, RS Katiyar
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Nanoscale Control of Oxygen Defects and Metal–Insulator Transition in Epitaxial Vanadium Dioxides
Y Sharma, J Balachandran, C Sohn, JT Krogel, P Ganesh, L Collins, ...
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Photovoltaic effect and enhanced magnetization in 0.9 (BiFeO3)–0.1 (YCrO3) composite thin film fabricated using sequential pulsed laser deposition
Y Sharma, P Misra, RK Katiyar, RS Katiyar
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Unipolar resistive switching in planar Pt/BiFeO3/Pt structure
RK Katiyar, Y Sharma, DG Barrionuevo Diestra, P Misra, S Kooriyattil, ...
AIP Advances 5 (3), 037109, 2015
Single-crystal high entropy perovskite oxide epitaxial films
Y Sharma
Long-range Stripe Nanodomains in Epitaxial (110) BiFeO3 Thin Films on (100) NdGaO3 Substrate
Y Sharma, R Agarwal, C Phatak, B Kim, S Jeon, RS Katiyar, S Hong
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
Holmium hafnate: An emerging electronic device material
SP Pavunny, Y Sharma, S Kooriyattil, S Dugu, RK Katiyar, JF Scott, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (11), 112902, 2015
Structural phase transition of ternary dielectric SmGdO3: Evidence from angle dispersive x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopic studies
Y Sharma, S Sahoo, AK Mishra, P Misra, SP Pavunny, A Dwivedi, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (9), 094101, 2015
Ferroelectricity in Rare-Earth Modified Hafnia Thin Films Deposited by Sequential Pulsed Laser Deposition
Y Sharma, D Barrionuevo, R Agarwal, SP Pavunny, RS Katiyar
ECS Solid State Letters 4 (11), N13-N16, 2015
Impact of gate geometry on ionic liquid gated ionotronic systems
AT Wong, JH Noh, PR Pudasaini, B Wolf, N Balke, A Herklotz, Y Sharma, ...
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Effect of Current Compliance on Resistive Switching Characteristics of Amorphous Ternary Rare Earth Oxide SmGdO3 Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
P Misra, Y Sharma, RS Katiyar
ECS Transactions 61 (6), 133-138, 2014
Designing Magnetic Anisotropy through Strain Doping
A Herklotz, Z Gai, Y Sharma, A Huon, SF Rus, L Sun, J Shen, PD Rack, ...
Advanced Science 5 (11), 1800356, 2018
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