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Self‐healing materials via reversible crosslinking of poly (ethylene oxide)‐block‐poly (furfuryl glycidyl ether)(peo‐b‐pfge) block copolymer films
MJ Barthel, T Rudolph, A Teichler, RM Paulus, J Vitz, S Hoeppener, ...
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Supramolecular three-armed star polymers via cyclodextrin host–guest self-assembly
BVKJ Schmidt, T Rudolph, M Hetzer, H Ritter, FH Schacher, ...
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F Schacher, T Rudolph, F Wieberger, M Ulbricht, AHE Müller
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Star-shaped drug carriers for doxorubicin with POEGMA and POEtOxMA brush-like shells: a structural, physical, and biological comparison
K Knop, D Pretzel, A Urbanek, T Rudolph, DH Scharf, A Schallon, ...
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Homo‐and diblock copolymers of poly (furfuryl glycidyl ether) by living anionic polymerization: Toward reversibly core‐crosslinked micelles
MJ Barthel, T Rudolph, S Crotty, FH Schacher, US Schubert
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Core-crosslinked compartmentalized cylinders
FH Schacher, T Rudolph, M Drechsler, AHE Müller
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Amphiphilic star-shaped block copolymers as unimolecular drug delivery systems: investigations using a novel fungicide
K Knop, GM Pavlov, T Rudolph, K Martin, D Pretzel, BO Jahn, DH Scharf, ...
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Hybrid Fe3O4@ amino cellulose nanoparticles in organic media–Heterogeneous ligands for atom transfer radical polymerizations
LC Fidale, M Nikolajski, T Rudolph, S Dutz, FH Schacher, T Heinze
Journal of colloid and interface science 390 (1), 25-33, 2013
Aqueous solution behavior of comb‐shaped poly (2‐ethyl‐2‐oxazoline)
C Weber, S Rogers, A Vollrath, S Hoeppener, T Rudolph, N Fritz, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 51 (1), 139-148, 2013
Controlling Aqueous Self‐Assembly Mechanisms by Hydrophobic Interactions
T Rudolph, N Kumar Allampally, G Fernández, FH Schacher
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (43), 13871-13875, 2014
Nanocellulose aerogels for supporting iron catalysts and in situ formation of polyethylene nanocomposites
T Hees, F Zhong, T Rudolph, A Walther, R Mülhaupt
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (11), 1605586, 2017
Understanding toughness in bioinspired cellulose nanofibril/polymer nanocomposites
AJ Benítez, F Lossada, B Zhu, T Rudolph, A Walther
Biomacromolecules 17 (7), 2417-2426, 2016
Poly (thiolactone) homo-and copolymers from maleimide thiolactone: synthesis and functionalization
T Rudolph, P Espeel, FE Du Prez, FH Schacher
Polymer Chemistry 6 (23), 4240-4251, 2015
Synthesis and solution properties of double hydrophilic poly (ethylene oxide)-block-poly (2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)(PEO-b-PEtOx) star block copolymers
T Rudolph, S Crotty, M von der Lühe, D Pretzel, U Schubert, F Schacher
Polymers 5 (3), 1081-1101, 2013
Schizophrenic thermoresponsive block copolymer micelles based on LCST and UCST behavior in ethanol–water mixtures
A Can, Q Zhang, T Rudolph, FH Schacher, JF Gohy, US Schubert, ...
European Polymer Journal 69, 460-471, 2015
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Driven by [FeFe] Hydrogenase Models Tethered to Fluorene and Silafluorene Sensitizers
R Goy, L Bertini, T Rudolph, S Lin, M Schulz, G Zampella, B Dietzek, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (2), 334-345, 2017
Selective crosslinking or addressing of individual domains within block copolymer nanostructures
T Rudolph, FH Schacher
European Polymer Journal 80, 317-331, 2016
Toward anisotropic hybrid materials: directional crystallization of amphiphilic polyoxazoline-based triblock terpolymers
T Rudolph, M Lühe, M Hartlieb, S Norsic, US Schubert, C Boisson, ...
ACS nano 9 (10), 10085-10098, 2015
Exceptionally Ductile and Tough Biomimetic Artificial Nacre with Gas Barrier Function
A Eckert, T Rudolph, J Guo, T Mang, A Walther
Advanced Materials 30 (32), 1802477, 2018
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