Alexander Dikiy
Alexander Dikiy
Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, NTNU, Norway
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SelT, SelW, SelH, and Rdx12: genomics and molecular insights into the functions of selenoproteins of a novel thioredoxin-like family
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The three-dimensional solution structure of the reduced high-potential iron-sulfur protein from Chromatium vinosum through NMR
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A Serine → Cysteine Ligand Mutation in the High Potential Iron−Sulfur Protein from Chromatium vinosum Provides Insight into the Electronic Structure of the [4Fe …
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Backbone Dynamics of Plastocyanin in Both Oxidation States Solution Structure of the Reduced Form and Comparison with the Oxidized State
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Three-dimensional solution structure of the oxidized high potential iron-sulfur protein from Chromatium vinosum through NMR. Comparative analysis with the solution structure of …
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Insights into the evolution of macrolactam biosynthesis through cloning and comparative analysis of the biosynthetic gene cluster for a novel macrocyclic lactam, ML-449
H Jørgensen, KF Degnes, A Dikiy, E Fjærvik, G Klinkenberg, SB Zotchev
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 76 (1), 283-293, 2010
Biosynthesis of macrolactam BE-14106 involves two distinct PKS systems and amino acid processing enzymes for generation of the aminoacyl starter unit
H Jørgensen, KF Degnes, H Sletta, E Fjærvik, A Dikiy, L Herfindal, ...
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Molecular characterization of Bacilluspasteurii UreE, a metal-binding chaperone for the assembly of the urease active site
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NMR approach for monitoring post-mortem changes in Atlantic salmon fillets stored at 0 and 4 C
E Shumilina, A Ciampa, F Capozzi, T Rustad, A Dikiy
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Three-Dimensional Structure of the Reduced C77S Mutant of the Chromatium vinosum High-Potential Iron−Sulfur Protein through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance …
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Charge Reversal of a Critical Active‐Site Residue of Cytochrome‐c Peroxidase: Characterization of the Arg48→Glu Variant
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Intramolecular dynamics of asymmetric lanthanide (III) porphyrin sandwich complexes in solution
SP Babailov, AG Coutsolelos, A Dikiy, GA Spyroulias
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2001 (1), 303-306, 2001
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