Jens M. Nielsen
Jens M. Nielsen
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
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Diet tracing in ecology: Method comparison and selection
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Stable N and C isotopes in the organic matrix of fish otoliths: validation of a new approach for studying spatial and temporal changes in the trophic structure of aquatic …
P Grønkjær, JB Pedersen, TT Ankjærø, H Kjeldsen, J Heinemeier, ...
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Seasonal dynamics of zooplankton resource use revealed by carbon amino acid stable isotope values
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Estuarine morphometry governs optically active substances, Kd (PAR) and beam attenuation: assessments from a tropical ria and a temperate coastal plain estuary
LC Lund-Hansen, JM Nielsen, J Blüthgen, DN Hai, MH Nielsen, NN Lam
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Technical comment on Boersma et al.(2016) Temperature driven changes in the diet preference of omnivorous copepods: no more meat when it's hot? Ecology Letters, 19, 45–53
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Contribution of walleye pollock eggs to the Gulf of Alaska food web in spring
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Food quantity–quality interactions and their impact on consumer behavior and trophic transfer
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Report on effects of changing drivers on pelagic and benthic species composition and production
M Winder, L Berghoff, A Burian, C Clemmesen, J Dutz, D Fey, A Golz, ...
EU Bonusproject BIO-C3, 2016
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