Antonio Guarna
Antonio Guarna
Professor of organic chemistry, Department of Chemistry "Ugo Schiff" University of Florence, Italy
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Preparation and Cycloaddition Reactions of Enantiopure 2-(N-Acylamino)-1,3-dienes for the Synthesis of Octahydroquinoline Derivatives
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Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of Small Peptides Containing 6-Endo-BT(t)L Scaffolds as Reverse Turn Mimetics
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Remote stereocontrol in the Nazarov reaction: A new approach to the core of roseophilin
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Synthesis and reactivity of bicycles derived from tartaric acid and α-amino acids: a novel class of conformationally constrained dipeptide isosteres based upon enantiopure 3á…
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Click-chemistry-derived triazole ligands of arginine− glycine− aspartate (RGD) integrins with a broad capacity to inhibit adhesion of melanoma cells and both in vitro and iná…
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C Prandi, A Ferrali, A Guarna, P Venturello, EG Occhiato
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