Jonas Persson
Jonas Persson
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To be or not to be what you eat: regulation of stoichiometric homeostasis among autotrophs and heterotrophs
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Food quantity and quality regulation of trophic transfer between primary producers and a keystone grazer (Daphnia) in pelagic freshwater food webs
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Shifting dynamic forces in fish stock fluctuations triggered by age truncation?
T Rouyer, G Ottersen, JM Durant, M Hidalgo, DØ Hjermann, J Persson, ...
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Ecological stoichiometry of Eurasian perch–intraspecific variation due to size, habitat and diet
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Increased risk of phosphorus limitation at higher temperatures for Daphnia magna
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A fatty acid based Bayesian approach for inferring diet in aquatic consumers
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Compensatory nutrient enrichment in an oligotrophicated mountain reservoir–effects and fate of added nutrients
E Rydin, T Vrede, J Persson, S Holmgren, M Jansson, L Tranvik, ...
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Threshold dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid concentrations for Daphnia pulex growth and reproduction
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Responses in zooplankton populations to food quality and quantity changes after whole lake nutrient enrichment of an oligotrophic sub-alpine reservoir
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Scale-dependent effects of climate on two copepod species, Calanus glacialis and Pseudocalanus minutus, in an Arctic-boreal sea
J Persson, LC Stige, NC Stenseth, N Usov, D Martynova
Marine Ecology Progress Series 468, 71-83, 2012
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