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Forkhead-like transcription factors recruit Ndd1 to the chromatin of G2/M-specific promoters
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HSPC117 is the essential subunit of a human tRNA splicing ligase complex
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Switching transcription on and off during the yeast cell cycle: Cln/Cdc28 kinases activate bound transcription factor SBF (Swi4/Swi6) at start, whereas Clb/Cdc28 kinases …
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Mammalian inscuteable regulates spindle orientation and cell fate in the developing retina
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Mammalian inscuteable regulates spindle orientation and cell fate in the developing retina
M Žigman, M Cayouette, C Charalambous, A Schleiffer, O Hoeller, ...
Neuron 48 (4), 539-545, 2005
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