Marika Savarese
Marika Savarese
Department of Drug Discovery and Development, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia IIT
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Fluorescence lifetimes and quantum yields of rhodamine derivatives: new insights from theory and experiment
M Savarese, A Aliberti, I De Santo, E Battista, F Causa, PA Netti, N Rega
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Functionalized Graphene as an Electron‐Cascade Acceptor for Air‐Processed Organic Ternary Solar Cells
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Importance of orbital optimization for double-hybrid density functionals: application of the OO-PBE-QIDH model for closed-and open-shell systems
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Modeling of charge transfer processes to understand photophysical signatures: The case of Rhodamine 110
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Metrics for molecular electronic excitations: A comparison between orbital-and density-based descriptors
M Savarese, CA Guido, E Bremond, I Ciofini, C Adamo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (40), 7543-7549, 2017
Quadratic integrand double-hybrid made spin-component-scaled
É Brémond, M Savarese, JC Sancho-García, ÁJ Pérez-Jiménez, C Adamo
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Controlled tautomeric switching in azonaphthols tuned by substituents on the phenyl ring
L Antonov, V Deneva, S Simeonov, V Kurteva, A Crochet, KM Fromm, ...
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Accuracy of TD-DFT Geometries: A Fresh Look
E Bremond, M Savarese, C Adamo, D Jacquemin
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Computational Insights into Excited‐State Proton‐Transfer Reactions in Azo and Azomethine Dyes
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Exploring the limits of recent exchange–correlation functionals in modeling lithium/benzene interaction
M Savarese, E Bremond, C Adamo
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 135 (4), 99, 2016
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