Claudia Bonfio
Claudia Bonfio
Institut de Science et d'IngÚnierie SupramolÚculaires
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Human CNS barrier-forming organoids with cerebrospinal fluid production
L Pellegrini, C Bonfio, J Chadwick, F Begum, M Skehel, MA Lancaster
Science 369 (6500), eaaz5626, 2020
UV-light-driven prebiotic synthesis of iron–sulfur clusters
C Bonfio, L Valer, S Scintilla, S Shah, DJ Evans, L Jin, JW Szostak, ...
Nature Chemistry 9 (12), 1229-1234, 2017
Prebiotic iron–sulfur peptide catalysts generate a pH gradient across model membranes of late protocells
C Bonfio, E Godino, M Corsini, F Fabrizi de Biani, G Guella, SS Mansy
Nature Catalysis 1 (8), 616-623, 2018
Length-selective synthesis of acylglycerol-phosphates through energy-dissipative cycling
C Bonfio, C Caumes, CD Duffy, BH Patel, C Percivalle, M Tsanakopoulou, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (9), 3934-3939, 2019
Harnessing chemical energy for the activation and joining of prebiotic building blocks
Z Liu, LF Wu, J Xu, C Bonfio, DA Russell, JD Sutherland
Nature chemistry 12 (11), 1023-1028, 2020
pH-Driven RNA strand separation under prebiotically plausible conditions
A Mariani, C Bonfio, CM Johnson, JD Sutherland
Biochemistry 57 (45), 6382-6386, 2018
Duplications of an iron–sulphur tripeptide leads to the formation of a protoferredoxin
S Scintilla, C Bonfio, L Belmonte, M Forlin, D Rossetto, J Li, JA Cowan, ...
Chemical communications 52 (92), 13456-13459, 2016
Activation chemistry drives the emergence of functionalised protocells
C Bonfio, DA Russell, NJ Green, A Mariani, JD Sutherland
Chemical Science 11, 10688-10697, 2020
Thermally driven membrane phase transitions enable content reshuffling in primitive cells
R Rubio-Sßnchez, DK O’Flaherty, A Wang, F Coscia, G Petris, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (40), 16589-16598, 2021
Cysteine containing dipeptides show a metal specificity that matches the composition of seawater
L Belmonte, D Rossetto, M Forlin, S Scintilla, C Bonfio, SS Mansy
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (30), 20104-20108, 2016
Glycerol configurations of environmental GDGTs investigated using a selective sn2 ether cleavage protocol
XL Liu, DA Russell, C Bonfio, RE Summons
Organic geochemistry 128, 57-62, 2019
The curious case of peptide-coordinated iron–sulfur clusters: prebiotic and biomimetic insights
C Bonfio
Dalton Transactions 50 (3), 801-807, 2021
Investigation of glutathione-derived electrostatic and hydrogen-bonding interactions and their role in defining Grx5 [2Fe–2S] cluster optical spectra and transfer chemistry
S Sen, C Bonfio, SS Mansy, JA Cowan
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 23, 241-252, 2018
Interfacing Coacervates with Membranes: From Artificial Organelles and Hybrid Protocells to Intracellular Delivery
T Lu, S Javed, C Bonfio, E Spruijt
Small methods 7 (12), 2300294, 2023
The chemical roots of iron–sulfur dependent metabolism
C Bonfio, SS Mansy
Biochemistry 56 (40), 5225-5226, 2017
Bioenergetics of early life: Coupling of reaction networks and compartments may have sparked the first life forms
M Aleksandrova, C Bonfio
EMBO reports 23 (8), e55679, 2022
Ring opening of glycerol cyclic phosphates leads to a diverse array of potentially prebiotic phospholipids
M Aleksandrova, F Rahmatova, DA Russell, C Bonfio
Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (47), 25614-25620, 2023
A possible path towards encoded protein synthesis on ancient Earth
C Bonfio
Nature 605 (7909), 231-232, 2022
Nonenzymatic autocatalysis generates coacervates and controls their structure
FZ Mihoubi, KK Nakashima, C Bonfio
Chem 9 (12), 3394-3396, 2023
From reconstituting minimal cell-cell signaling systems to bioinspired synthetic communication networks
KA Ganzinger, C Bonfio, AP Liu
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 9, 979163, 2022
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