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Mode locking of electron spin coherences in singly charged quantum dots
A Greilich, DR Yakovlev, A Shabaev, AL Efros, IA Yugova, R Oulton, ...
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Manipulation of the homogeneous linewidth of an individual In (Ga) As quantum dot
R Oulton, JJ Finley, AD Ashmore, IS Gregory, DJ Mowbray, MS Skolnick, ...
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Tailored quantum dots for entangled photon pair creation
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Photonic multilayer structure of Begonia chloroplasts enhances photosynthetic efficiency
M Jacobs, M Lopez-Garcia, OP Phrathep, T Lawson, R Oulton, ...
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S Núñez-Sánchez, M Lopez-Garcia, MM Murshidy, AG Abdel-Hady, ...
ACS Photonics 3 (5), 743-748, 2016
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