Dr Souvik Naskar
Dr Souvik Naskar
Research Associate (Low Lab, Imperial College London, UK)
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Cited by
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Accelerated Age-Related Degradation of the Tectorial Membrane in the Ceacam16βgal/βgal Null Mutant Mouse, a Model for Late-Onset Human Hereditary …
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Heterologous expression and in-vitro analysis of Streptococcus pneumoniae FtsEX divisome complex with peptidoglycan (PG) hydrolase PcsB and actin homologue FtsA, required for …
S Naskar
University of Warwick, 2019
Accelerated age-related degradation of the tectorial membrane in the Ceacam16 ßgal/ßgal null mutant mouse, a model for late-onset human hereditary deafness DFNB113
R Goodyear, MA Cheatham, S Naskar, Y Zhou, R Osgood, J Zheng, ...
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