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OxyR tightly regulates catalase expression in Neisseria meningitidis through both repression and activation mechanisms
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Visualizing active membrane protein complexes by electron cryotomography
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Mitochondrial inner membrane protease promotes assembly of presequence translocase by removing a carboxy-terminal targeting sequence
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Job contenders: roles of the β‐barrel assembly machinery and the translocation and assembly module in autotransporter secretion
C Albenne, R Ieva
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AB Schendzielorz, C Schulz, O Lytovchenko, A Clancy, B Guiard, R Ieva, ...
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Interfering with outer membrane biogenesis to fight Gram-negative bacterial pathogens
R Ieva
Virulence 8 (7), 1049-1052, 2017
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