Cheng Tang
Cheng Tang
Tsinghua University or The University of Adelaide
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Nitrogendoped aligned carbon nanotube/graphene sandwiches: facile catalytic growth on bifunctional natural catalysts and their applications as scaffolds for highrate lithium …
C Tang, Q Zhang, MQ Zhao, JQ Huang, XB Cheng, GL Tian, HJ Peng, ...
Advanced materials 26 (35), 6100-6105, 2014
Spatially confined hybridization of nanometersized NiFe hydroxides into nitrogendoped graphene frameworks leading to superior oxygen evolution reactivity
C Tang, HS Wang, HF Wang, Q Zhang, GL Tian, JQ Nie, F Wei
Advanced Materials 27 (30), 4516-4522, 2015
Topological defects in metalfree nanocarbon for oxygen electrocatalysis
C Tang, HF Wang, X Chen, BQ Li, TZ Hou, B Zhang, Q Zhang, MM Titirici, ...
Advanced materials 28 (32), 6845-6851, 2016
Nanocarbon for oxygen reduction electrocatalysis: dopants, edges, and defects
C Tang, Q Zhang
Advanced Materials 29 (13), 1604103, 2017
A review of electrocatalytic reduction of dinitrogen to ammonia under ambient conditions
X Cui, C Tang, Q Zhang
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (22), 1800369, 2018
Defect Engineering toward Atomic Co–Nx–C in Hierarchical Graphene for Rechargeable Flexible Solid ZnAir Batteries
C Tang, B Wang, HF Wang, Q Zhang
Advanced materials 29 (37), 1703185, 2017
A review of preciousmetalfree bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts: rational design and applications in Zn− air batteries
HF Wang, C Tang, Q Zhang
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (46), 1803329, 2018
CaOtemplated growth of hierarchical porous graphene for highpower lithium–sulfur battery applications
C Tang, BQ Li, Q Zhang, L Zhu, HF Wang, JL Shi, F Wei
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (4), 577-585, 2016
Bifunctional transition metal hydroxysulfides: roomtemperature sulfurization and their applications in Zn–air batteries
HF Wang, C Tang, B Wang, BQ Li, Q Zhang
Advanced Materials 29 (35), 1702327, 2017
Multiscale principles to boost reactivity in gas-involving energy electrocatalysis
C Tang, HF Wang, Q Zhang
Accounts of chemical research 51 (4), 881-889, 2018
Two-dimensional mosaic bismuth nanosheets for highly selective ambient electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction
L Li, C Tang, B Xia, H Jin, Y Zheng, SZ Qiao
ACS Catalysis 9 (4), 2902-2908, 2019
How to explore ambient electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction reliably and insightfully
C Tang, SZ Qiao
Chemical Society Reviews 48 (12), 3166-3180, 2019
A review of nanocarbons in energy electrocatalysis: Multifunctional substrates and highly active sites
C Tang, MM Titirici, Q Zhang
Journal of Energy Chemistry 26 (6), 1077-1093, 2017
A porphyrin covalent organic framework cathode for flexible Zn–air batteries
BQ Li, SY Zhang, B Wang, ZJ Xia, C Tang, Q Zhang
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (7), 1723-1729, 2018
Nitrogen Vacancies on 2D Layered W2N3: A Stable and Efficient Active Site for Nitrogen Reduction Reaction
H Jin, L Li, X Liu, C Tang, W Xu, S Chen, L Song, Y Zheng, SZ Qiao
Advanced Materials 31 (32), 1902709, 2019
Atomic modulation and structure design of carbons for bifunctional electrocatalysis in metal–air batteries
Y Huang, Y Wang, C Tang, J Wang, Q Zhang, Y Wang, J Zhang
Advanced Materials 31 (13), 1803800, 2019
A nanosized CoNi hydroxide@ hydroxysulfide core–shell heterostructure for enhanced oxygen evolution
B Wang, C Tang, HF Wang, X Chen, R Cao, Q Zhang
Advanced materials 31 (4), 1805658, 2019
Monolithic-structured ternary hydroxides as freestanding bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
X Zhu, C Tang, HF Wang, BQ Li, Q Zhang, C Li, C Yang, F Wei
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (19), 7245-7250, 2016
3D Mesoporous Graphene: CVD SelfAssembly on Porous Oxide Templates and Applications in HighStable LiS Batteries
JL Shi, C Tang, HJ Peng, L Zhu, XB Cheng, JQ Huang, W Zhu, Q Zhang
Small 11 (39), 5243-5252, 2015
3D mesoporous van der Waals heterostructures for trifunctional energy electrocatalysis
C Tang, L Zhong, B Zhang, HF Wang, Q Zhang
Advanced Materials 30 (5), 1705110, 2018
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