Susan N. Herringer
Susan N. Herringer
postdoctoral researcher at University of Bern
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Wilson Ratio of a Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid in a Spin- Heisenberg Ladder
K Ninios, T Hong, T Manabe, C Hotta, SN Herringer, MM Turnbull, ...
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Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of bis (3-amino-2-chloropyridinium)tetrahalocuprate(II) [halide = Cl or Br]
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Copper (II) complexes of 2-halo-3-methylpyridine: synthesis, structure, and magnetic behaviour of Cu (2-X-3-CH 3 py) 2 X′ 2 [X, X′= chlorine or bromine; py= pyridine]
SN Herringer, MM Turnbull, CP Landee, JL Wikaira
Dalton Transactions 40 (16), 4242-4252, 2011
Transition metal halide salts of 8-methylquinolinium: Synthesis and structures of (8-methylquinolinium) 2 MX4· nH2O (M= Cu, Co, Zn; X= Cl, Br; n= 0, 1)
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S=1/2 One‐Dimensional Random‐Exchange Ferromagnetic Zigzag Ladder, Which Exhibits Competing Interactions in a Critical Regime
SN Herringer, M Deumal, J Ribas‐Arino, JJ Novoa, CP Landee, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (27), 8355-8362, 2014
Dynamics of the two-dimensional S= 1/2 dimer system (C5 H6 N2 F)2 CuCl4
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Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of bis (monosubstituted-pyrazine) dihalocopper (II)
SN Herringer, AJ Longendyke, MM Turnbull, CP Landee, JL Wikaira, ...
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Ferromagnetic Exchange in Bichloride Bridged Cu (II) Chains: Magnetostructural Correlations between Ordered and Disordered Systems
SN Herringer, CP Landee, MM Turnbull, J Ribas-Ariño, JJ Novoa, ...
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Evaluation of segregation in Roman sestertius coins
SN Herringer, K Ryzewski, HZ Bilheux, JC Bilheux, BW Sheldon
Journal of materials science 53 (3), 2161-2170, 2018
Investigating ancient dams in Petra's northern hinterland with ground-penetrating radar
TM Urban, E Bocancea, C Vella, SN Herringer, SE Alcock, CA Tuttle
The Leading Edge 32 (2), 190-192, 2013
Production technology of Nabataean painted pottery compared with that of Roman terra sigillata
M Tite, SN Herringer, A Shortland, M Matin, T Pradell, SE Alcock
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 21, 1073-1078, 2018
Quantification of water absorption and transport in parchment
SN Herringer, HZ Bilheux, G Bearman
Physics Procedia 69, 524-529, 2015
The Use and Refinement of Neutron Imaging Techniques for Archaeological Artifacts
K Ryzewski, HZ Bilheux, SN Herringer, JC Bilheux, L Walker, BW Sheldon
Advances in Archaeological Practice 2 (2), 91-103, 2014
The Application of Neutron imaging to investigate the Design and Manufacture of a Bronze Oinochoe
SN Herringer, K Ryzewski, HZ Bilheux, JC Bilheux, BW Sheldon
Restaurierung und Archäologie 8, 35-43, 2017
Copper (II) Complexes of 2-halo-3-methylpyridine: Syntheses, Structures, and Magnetic Properties of Cu (2-X-3-CH3py) 2X'2 and Catena-(2-X-3-CH3py) CuCl2 [X, X'
SN Herringer
Clark University, 2010
Reconstructing History for Today: Antioch ad Cragum Archaeological Research Project
S Herringer
Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of Bis (S-pyrazine) dihalocopper (II)[halide= Cl or Br
S Herringer
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