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Application of d6 transition metal complexes in fluorescence cell imaging
V Fernández-Moreira, FL Thorp-Greenwood, MP Coogan
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AJ Amoroso, MP Coogan, JE Dunne, V Fernández-Moreira, JB Hess, ...
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V Fernández-Moreira, B Song, V Sivagnanam, AS Chauvin, ...
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A Rhenium Tricarbonyl 4′‐Oxo‐terpy Trimer as a Luminescent Molecular Vessel with a Removable Silver Stopper
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Luminescent Re (I) and Re (I)/Au (I) complexes as cooperative partners in cell imaging and cancer therapy
V Fernández-Moreira, I Marzo, MC Gimeno
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V Fernández-Moreira, ML Ortego, CF Williams, MP Coogan, ...
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Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of some new triphenyltin (IV) sulfanylcarboxylates: Crystal structure of [(SnPh3) 2 (p-mpspa)],[(SnPh3) 2 (cpa)] and …
P Álvarez-Boo, JS Casas, MD Couce, R Farto, V Fernández-Moreira, ...
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Cytotoxicity and biodistribution studies of luminescent Au (I) and Ag (I) N-heterocyclic carbenes. Searching for new biological targets
R Visbal, V Fernández-Moreira, I Marzo, A Laguna, MC Gimeno
Dalton Transactions 45 (38), 15026-15033, 2016
Luminescent Thermochromism of 2D Coordination Polymers Based on Copper (I) Halides with 4‐Hydroxythiophenol
J Troyano, J Perles, P Amo‐Ochoa, JI Martínez, M Concepcion Gimeno, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (50), 18027-18035, 2016
Fluxionality and lability in rhenium 4′-hydroxyterpyridine complexes: Evidence for an associative mechanism and correlated fluxionality and lability
V Fernández-Moreira, FL Thorp-Greenwood, RJ Arthur, BM Kariuki, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (32), 7493-7503, 2010
Reversible Thermochromic Polymeric Thin Films Made of Ultrathin 2D Crystals of Coordination Polymers Based on Copper (I)‐Thiophenolates
J Troyano, O Castillo, JI Martínez, V Fernández‐Moreira, Y Ballesteros, ...
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3-Chloromethylpyridyl bipyridine fac-tricarbonyl rhenium: a thiol-reactive luminophore for fluorescence microscopy accumulates in mitochondria
AJ Amoroso, RJ Arthur, MP Coogan, V Fernández-Moreira, AJ Hayes, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 32 (7), 1097-1102, 2008
Terpyridine-fused polyaromatic hydrocarbons generated via cyclodehydrogenation and used as ligands in Ru (II) complexes
A Graczyk, FA Murphy, D Nolan, V Fernández-Moreira, NJ Lundin, ...
Dalton Transactions 41 (25), 7746-7754, 2012
Trackable metallodrugs combining luminescent Re (I) and bioactive Au (I) fragments
A Luengo, V Fernández-Moreira, I Marzo, MC Gimeno
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Multistimuli Response Micro‐ and Nanolayers of a Coordination Polymer Based on Cu2I2 Chains Linked by 2‐Aminopyrazine
J Conesa‐Egea, J Gallardo‐Martínez, S Delgado, JI Martínez, ...
small 13 (33), 1700965, 2017
Uptake and localisation of rhenium fac-tricarbonyl polypyridyls in fluorescent cell imaging experiments
V Fernández-Moreira, FL Thorp-Greenwood, AJ Amoroso, J Cable, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 8 (17), 3888-3901, 2010
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