Lu Fan
Lu Fan
Sichuan Normal University
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Adsorptive removal of fluoride from aqueous solutions using Al-humic acid-La aerogel composites
Y Liu, Q Fan, S Wang, Y Liu, A Zhou, L Fan
Chemical Engineering Journal 306, 174-185, 2016
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L Fan, J Chen, J Guo, X Jiang, W Jiang
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 104, 353-360, 2013
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JX Guo, L Fan, JF Peng, J Chen, HQ Yin, WJ Jiang
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L Fan, Y Chen, L Wang, W Jiang
Adsorption Science & Technology 29 (5), 495-506, 2011
Physicochemical properties and desulfurization activities of metal oxide/biomass-based activated carbons prepared by blending method
L Fan, X Jiang, W Jiang, J Guo, J Chen
Adsorption 20 (5-6), 747-756, 2014
The modeled and observed response of Lake Spokane hypolimnetic dissolved oxygen concentrations to phosphorus inputs
MT Brett, SK Ahopelto, HK Brown, BE Brynestad, TW Butcher, EE Coba, ...
Lake and Reservoir Management 32 (3), 246-258, 2016
Mineralization kinetics of soluble phosphorus and soluble organic nitrogen in advanced nutrient removal effluents
B Li, L Fan, MT Brett
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L Fan, MT Brett, W Jiang, B Li
Environmental pollution 229, 255-263, 2017
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S Wang, Y Liu, Q Fan, A Zhou, L Fan, Y Mu
Water Science and Technology 74 (12), 2946-2957, 2016
Selective reduction of NO3−-N from wastewater to N2 by Zn/Ag bimetallic particles combined with wet ammonia oxidation process
L Fan, S Wang, Y Liu, W Yang, X Hou, Y Su, Y Zhao, X Zhou, Q Chen, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 197, 325-335, 2018
Photoinduced reduction of high concentration Hg (II) to Hg2Cl2 from acid wastewater with the presence of fulvic acid under anaerobic conditions
L Fan, A Zhou, L Zhong, Y Liu
Chemosphere 198, 13-20, 2018
The bioavailability of different dissolved organic nitrogen compounds for the freshwater algae Raphidocelis subcapitata
L Fan, MT Brett, B Li, M Song
Science of The Total Environment 618, 479-486, 2018
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