Dr Paul Dingwall
Dr Paul Dingwall
Lecturer in Physical Organic Chemistry, Queen's University Belfast
Verified email at qub.ac.uk
Cited by
Cited by
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Data supporting" Photochemical homologation for the preparation of aliphatic aldehydes in flow"
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Imperial College London, 2013
Figure 11. Chemo-Selective Polymerizations Using Mixtures of Epoxide, Lactone, Anhydride and CO2
HS Rzepa, C Romain, P Dingwall, Y Zhu, S Paul, A Buchard, C K Williams
Figure 10. Chemo-Selective Polymerizations Using Mixtures of Epoxide, Lactone, Anhydride and CO2. Figure 13.
HS Rzepa, C Romain, P Dingwall, Y Zhu, S Paul, A Buchard, C K Williams
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