Dennis Sheberla
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Accelerating the discovery of materials for clean energy in the era of smart automation
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α-Oligofurans show a sizeable extent of π-conjugation as probed by Raman spectroscopy
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A microporous and naturally nanostructured thermoelectric metal-organic framework with ultralow thermal conductivity
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Isolation of Silenolates (R3Si)2SiC(OLi)Ad with a Doubly Bonded Silicon Atom
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Different electronic structure of phosphonyl radical adducts of N-heterocyclic carbenes, silylenes and germylenes: EPR spectroscopic study and DFT calculations
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Importance of unpaired electrons in organic electronics
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Electronic Structure of Bis(silyl)carbon-, Bis(silyl)silicon-, and Bis(silyl)germanium-Centered Radicals (R3Si)2XE (E = C, Si, Ge; X = H, Re(CO)5, F): EPR and …
D Sheberla, B Tumanskii, D Bravo-Zhivotovskii, G Molev, V Molev, VY Lee, ...
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l.; Wade, C. R.; Brozek, CK; Aspuru-Guzik, AN; Dincă, M
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Controlling Pt nanoparticle formation through Se⋯ Pt interactions on the electrode surface
D Sheberla, S Patra, S Sharma, T Bendikov, Y Sheynin, M Bendikov
Chemical Communications 48 (54), 6776-6778, 2012
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