Michele Orlandi
Michele Orlandi
PostDoc Researcher, Department of Physics, University of Trento
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High‐Turnover Photochemical Hydrogen Production Catalyzed by a Model Complex of the [FeFe]‐Hydrogenase Active Site
D Streich, Y Astuti, M Orlandi, L Schwartz, R Lomoth, L Hammarstr÷m, ...
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Toward Fluorescent Memories with Nondestructive Readout: Photoswitching of Fluorescence by Intramolecular Electron Transfer in a Diaryl Ethene‐Perylene Bisimide Photochromic System
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Highly photo-catalytically active hierarchical 3D porous/urchin nanostructured Co3O4 coating synthesized by Pulsed Laser Deposition
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Porphyrin–cobaloxime dyads for photoinduced hydrogen production: investigation of the primary photochemical process
M Natali, M Orlandi, C Chiorboli, E Iengo, V Bertolasi, F Scandola
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 12 (10), 1749-1753, 2013
Electron Transfer Across Modular Oligo-p-phenylene Bridges in Ru (bpy) 2 (bpy–ph n–DQ) 4+(n= 1–5) Dyads. Unusual Effects of Bridge Elongation
MT Indelli, M Orlandi, C Chiorboli, M Ravaglia, F Scandola, F Lafolet, ...
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Tungsten-doped TiO2/reduced Graphene Oxide nano-composite photocatalyst for degradation of phenol: A system to reduce surface and bulk electron-hole recombination
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Journal of environmental management 203, 364-374, 2017
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M Orlandi, A Mazzi, G Arban, N Bazzanella, P Rudatis, S Caramori, ...
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3D hierarchical nanostructures of iron oxides coatings prepared by pulsed laser deposition for photocatalytic water purification
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Improvement of the electron collection efficiency in porous hematite using a thin iron oxide underlayer: towards efficient all-iron based photoelectrodes
N Dalle Carbonare, S Carli, R Argazzi, M Orlandi, N Bazzanella, ...
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Solar concentration for wastewaters remediation: a review of materials and technologies
MA Fendrich, A Quaranta, M Orlandi, M Bettonte, A Miotello
Applied Sciences 9 (1), 118, 2019
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