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Kamal Elouarzaki
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Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Glucose by Rhodium Porphyrin-Functionalized MWCNT Electrodes: Application to a Fully Molecular Catalyst-Based Glucose/O2 Fuel …
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Recent Trends, Benchmarking, and Challenges of Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 by Molecular Catalysts
K Elouarzaki, V Kannan, V Jose, HS Sabharwal, JM Lee
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Supramolecular immobilization of laccase on carbon nanotube electrodes functionalized with (methylpyrenylaminomethyl) anthraquinone for direct electron reduction of oxygen
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Freestanding redox buckypaper electrodes from multi-wall carbon nanotubes for bioelectrocatalytic oxygen reduction via mediated electron transfer
M Bourourou, K Elouarzaki, M Holzinger, C Agnes, A Le Goff, ...
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Coupling orientation and mediation strategies for efficient electron transfer in hybrid biofuel cells
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Impedimetric biosensor for cancer cell detection
B Seven, M Bourourou, K Elouarzaki, JF Constant, C Gondran, ...
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Embedded PdFe@ N-carbon nanoframes for oxygen reduction in acidic fuel cells
X Jiang, K Elouarzaki, Y Tang, J Zhou, G Fu, JM Lee
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Glucose fuel cell based on carbon nanotube-supported pyrene–metalloporphyrin catalysts
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From gold porphyrins to gold nanoparticles: catalytic nanomaterials for glucose oxidation
K Elouarzaki, A Le Goff, M Holzinger, C Agnes, F Duclairoir, JL Putaux, ...
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TEMPO-based immuno-lateral flow quantitative detection of dengue NS1 protein
PD Sinawang, L Fajs, K Elouarzaki, J Nugraha, RS Marks
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Biofunctionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by irradiation of electropolymerized poly (pyrrole–diazirine) films
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Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of original “TEMPO” functionalized multiwall carbon nanotube materials: Application to iron (II) detection
K Elouarzaki, LRP Mandoc, K Gorgy, M Holzinger, CA Amarandei, ...
Electrochemistry Communications 60, 131-134, 2015
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