Dr.Worapon Kiatkittipong
Dr.Worapon Kiatkittipong
Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Technology, Silpakorn University
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Reviews on solid oxide fuel cell technology
N Laosiripojana, W Wiyaratn, W Kiatkittipong, A Arpornwichanop, ...
Engineering Journal 13 (1), 65-84, 2009
Diesel-like hydrocarbon production from hydroprocessing of relevant refining palm oil
W Kiatkittipong, S Phimsen, K Kiatkittipong, S Wongsakulphasatch, ...
Fuel processing technology 116, 16-26, 2013
Glycerol ethers synthesis from glycerol etherification with tert-butyl alcohol in reactive distillation
W Kiatkittipong, P Intaracharoen, N Laosiripojana, C Chaisuk, ...
Computers & chemical engineering 35 (10), 2034-2043, 2011
Used lubricating oil management options based on life cycle thinking
V Kanokkantapong, W Kiatkittipong, B Panyapinyopol, P Wongsuchoto, ...
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Life cycle assessment of bagasse waste management options
W Kiatkittipong, P Wongsuchoto, P Pavasant
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Oil extracted from spent coffee grounds for bio-hydrotreated diesel production
S Phimsen, W Kiatkittipong, H Yamada, T Tagawa, K Kiatkittipong, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 126, 1028-1036, 2016
Synthesis of methyl esters from relevant palm products in near-critical methanol with modified-zirconia catalysts
N Laosiripojana, W Kiatkittipong, W Sutthisripok, S Assabumrungrat
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Comparative study of oxidative coupling of methane modeling in various types of reactor
W Kiatkittipong, T Tagawa, S Goto, S Assabumrungrat, K Silpasup, ...
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Hydrogen production from catalytic supercritical water reforming of glycerol with cobalt-based catalysts
T Pairojpiriyakul, E Croiset, W Kiatkittipong, K Kiatkittipong, ...
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Process design of continuous biodiesel production by reactive distillation: Comparison between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts
N Boon-anuwat, W Kiatkittipong, F Aiouache, S Assabumrungrat
Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 92, 33-44, 2015
Kinetics of liquid phase synthesis of ethyl tert‐butyl ether from tert‐butyl alcohol and ethanol catalyzed by β‐zeolite supported on monolith
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Cleaner gasoline production by using glycerol as fuel extender
W Kiatkittipong, S Suwanmanee, N Laosiripojana, P Praserthdam, ...
Fuel Processing Technology 91 (5), 456-460, 2010
Hydroxylation of benzene to phenol on Fe/TiO2 catalysts loaded with different types of second metal
G Tanarungsun, W Kiatkittipong, P Praserthdam, H Yamada, T Tagawa, ...
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Simulation of pervaporation membrane reactors for liquid phase synthesis of ethyl tert-butyl ether from tert-butyl alcohol and ethanol
S Assabumrungrat, W Kiatkittipong, P Praserthdam, S Goto
Catalysis today 79, 249-257, 2003
Oxygen transport through LSM/YSZ/LaAlO system for use of fuel cell type reactor
W Kiatkittipong, T Tagawa, S Goto, S Assabumrungrat, P Praserthdam
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Catalytic reforming of glycerol in supercritical water with nickel-based catalysts
T Pairojpiriyakul, E Croiset, K Kiatkittipong, W Kiatkittipong, ...
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Effect of oxygen addition on catalytic performance of Ni/SiO2· MgO toward carbon dioxide reforming of methane under periodic operation
S Assabumrungrat, S Charoenseri, N Laosiripojana, W Kiatkittipong, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 34 (15), 6211-6220, 2009
H2 production from sorption enhanced steam reforming of biogas using multifunctional catalysts of Ni over Zr-, Ce-and La-modified CaO sorbents
J Phromprasit, J Powell, S Wongsakulphasatch, W Kiatkittipong, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 313, 1415-1425, 2017
Performance evaluation of sorption enhanced chemical-looping reforming for hydrogen production from biomass with modification of catalyst and sorbent regeneration
T Udomchoke, S Wongsakulphasatch, W Kiatkittipong, A Arpornwichanop, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 303, 338-347, 2016
Ternary metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation of benzene to phenol
G Tanarungsun, W Kiatkittipong, P Praserthdam, H Yamada, T Tagawa, ...
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 14 (5), 596-601, 2008
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