Christopher M M Cox
Christopher M M Cox
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A systematic review and Bayesian meta-analysis of the acoustic features of infant-directed speech
C Cox, C Bergmann, E Fowler, T Keren-Portnoy, A Roepstorff, G Bryant, ...
Nature Human Behaviour, 1-20, 2022
A systematic review and Bayesian meta‐analysis of the development of turn taking in adult–child vocal interactions
V Nguyen, O Versyp, C Cox, R Fusaroli
Child Development 93 (4), 1181-1200, 2022
A Bayesian meta‐analysis of infants’ ability to perceive audio–visual congruence for speech
CMM Cox, T Keren‐Portnoy, A Roepstorff, R Fusaroli
Infancy 27 (1), 67-96, 2022
ManyBabies 5: A large-scale investigation of the proposed shift from familiarity preference to novelty preference in infant looking time
J Kosie, M Zettersten, R Abu-Zhaya, D Amso, M Babineau, H Baumgartne, ...
Infant‐directed speech does not always involve exaggerated vowel distinctions: Evidence from Danish
C Cox, C Dideriksen, T Keren‐Portnoy, A Roepstorff, MH Christiansen, ...
Child Development 94 (6), 1672-1696, 2023
“Did I just do that?”—Six‐month‐olds learn the contingency between their vocalizations and a visual reward in 5 minutes
T Keren‐Portnoy, H Daffern, RA DePaolis, CMM Cox, KI Brown, ...
Infancy 26 (6), 1057-1075, 2021
Evidence for infant-directed speech preference is consistent across large-scale, multi-site replication and meta-analysis
M Zettersten, C Cox, C Bergmann, ASM Tsui, M Soderstrom, J Mayor, ...
Open Mind 8, 439-461, 2024
Fine-Tuning Social Timing: From Non-Human to Human Animals and Back. A Commentary on The Evolution of Social Timing by Verga, Kotz and Ravignani (2023)
C Cox, E Templeton, R Fusaroli
Physics of Life Reviews 47, 79-81, 2023
Autistic Children Are Faster at Turn-Taking, More Strongly Driven By Their Own Tempo, and Less Coordinated with Their Interlocutor Than Neurotypical Controls
R Fusaroli, C Cox, S Cho, MR Pelella, M Liberman, C Cieri, A Hauptmann, ...
INSAR 2023, 2023
Infant development as uncertainty reduction: bayesian insights on phonological acquisition
CMM Cox, R Fusaroli, T Keren-Portnoy, A Roepstorff
PsyArXiv, 2020
The Impact of Vowel Space Expansion and Variability in Infant-Directed Speech on Early Phonetic Learning for Norwegian and Danish Infants
AP Singh, N Kartushina, R Fusaroli, R Rocca, CMM Cox
OSF, 2024
The development of turn-taking skills in typical development and autism
R Fusaroli, CMM Cox, E Weed, BI Szabó, L Naigles
https://osf.io/preprints/psyarxiv/5ap6u, 2024
The Emergence of Stability in Infant Vocal Production: A Model Based on Acoustic Analysis
CMM Cox, MM Vihman
Proceedings from FONETIK 2024, Stockholm, June 3–5, 2024., 117–122, 2024
Autistic Children Are Faster at Turn-Taking Than Neurotypical Controls Especially with Unfamiliar Interlocutors, but Equally Adjust to Their Interlocutors.
CMM Cox, R Fusaroli
INSAR 2024, 2024
The Development of Turn-Taking Skills in Autistic and Typically Developing Children
R Fusaroli, CMM Cox, E Weed, D Fein, L Naigles
INSAR 2024, 2024
Reinforcing infant vocalisations through self-initiated feedback: a tool for basic research and for clinical interventions
T Keren-Portnoy, H Daffern, RA DePaolis, C Cox, KI Brown, F Oxley, ...
Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 1206-1209, 2023
How Social Contingency Shapes Early Child-Caregiver Interactions
University of York, 2023
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