Vladimir Mitkevich
Vladimir Mitkevich
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S-glutathionylation of the Na, K-ATPase catalytic α subunit is a determinant of the enzyme redox sensitivity
IY Petrushanko, S Yakushev, VA Mitkevich, YV Kamanina, RH Ziganshin, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (38), 32195-32205, 2012
Changing the net charge from negative to positive makes ribonuclease Sa cytotoxic
ON Ilinskaya, F Dreyer, VA Mitkevich, KL Shaw, CN Pace, AA Makarov
Protein Science 11 (10), 2522-2525, 2002
Thermodynamic characterization of ppGpp binding to EF-G or IF2 and of initiator tRNA binding to free IF2 in the presence of GDP, GTP, or ppGpp
VA Mitkevich, A Ermakov, AA Kulikova, S Tankov, V Shyp, A Soosaar, ...
Journal of molecular biology 402 (5), 838-846, 2010
Sensitivity of acute myeloid leukemia Kasumi-1 cells to binase toxic action depends on the expression of KIT and АML1-ETO oncogenes
VA Mitkevich, IY Petrushanko, PV Spirin, TV Fedorova, OV Kretova, ...
Cell Cycle 10 (23), 4090-4097, 2011
Termination of translation in eukaryotes is mediated by the quaternary eRF1•eRF3•GTP•Mg2+ complex. The biological roles of eRF3 and prokaryotic RF3 are …
VA Mitkevich, AV Kononenko, IY Petrushanko, DV Yanvarev, AA Makarov, ...
Nucleic acids research 34 (14), 3947-3954, 2006
Binase induces apoptosis of transformed myeloid cells and does not induce T-cell immune response
ON Ilinskaya, PV Zelenikhin, IY Petrushanko, VA Mitkevich, VS Prassolov, ...
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 361 (4), 1000-1005, 2007
Ribonuclease binase apoptotic signature in leukemic Kasumi-1 cells
VA Mitkevich, OV Kretova, IY Petrushanko, KM Burnysheva, DV Sosin, ...
Biochimie 95 (6), 1344-1349, 2013
Role of the individual domains of translation termination factor eRF1 in GTP binding to eRF3
AV Kononenko, VA Mitkevich, VI Dubovaya, PM Kolosov, AA Makarov, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 70 (2), 388-393, 2008
Reactibodies generated by kinetic selection couple chemical reactivity with favorable protein dynamics
I Smirnov, E Carletti, I Kurkova, F Nachon, Y Nicolet, VA Mitkevich, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (38), 15954-15959, 2011
Binase cleaves cellular noncoding RNAs and affects coding mRNAs
VA Mitkevich, NA Tchurikov, PV Zelenikhin, IY Petrushanko, AA Makarov, ...
The FEBS Journal 277 (1), 186-196, 2010
Ribonuclease binase inhibits primary tumor growth and metastases via apoptosis induction in tumor cells
N Mironova, I Petrushanko, O Patutina, AV Sen’kova, O Simonenko, ...
Cell Cycle 12 (13), 2120-2131, 2013
Uncharged AZT and D4T derivatives of phosphonoformic and phosphonoacetic acids as anti-HIV pronucleosides
EA Shirokova, MV Jasko, AL Khandazhinskaya, AV Ivanov, DV Yanvarev, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 47 (14), 3606-3614, 2004
Amyloid β modification: a key to the sporadic Alzheimer's disease?
EP Barykin, VA Mitkevich, SA Kozin, AA Makarov
Frontiers in genetics 8, 58, 2017
Binding of ouabain and marinobufagenin leads to different structural changes in Na, K-ATPase and depends on the enzyme conformation
EA Klimanova, IY Petrushanko, VA Mitkevich, AA Anashkina, SN Orlov, ...
FEBS letters 589 (19), 2668-2674, 2015
Cytotoxicity of RNases is increased by cationization and counteracted by KCa channels
ON Ilinskaya, A Koschinski, VA Mitkevich, H Repp, F Dreyer, CN Pace, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 314 (2), 550-554, 2004
GTP-dependent structural rearrangement of the eRF1: eRF3 complex and eRF3 sequence motifs essential for PABP binding
AV Kononenko, VA Mitkevich, GC Atkinson, T Tenson, VI Dubovaya, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (2), 548-558, 2010
Isomerization of Asp7 leads to increased toxic effect of amyloid-β42 on human neuronal cells
VA Mitkevich, IY Petrushanko, YE Yegorov, OV Simonenko, ...
Cell death & disease 4 (11), e939-e939, 2013
The pretranslocation ribosome is targeted by GTP-bound EF-G in partially activated form
V Hauryliuk, VA Mitkevich, NA Eliseeva, IY Petrushanko, M Ehrenberg, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (41), 15678-15683, 2008
Oncogenic c-kit transcript is a target for binase
VA Mitkevich, IY Petrushanko, OV Kretova, PV Zelenikhin, VS Prassolov, ...
Cell Cycle 9 (13), 2674-2678, 2010
Asp79 makes a large, unfavorable contribution to the stability of RNase Sa
SR Trevino, K Gokulan, S Newsom, RL Thurlkill, KL Shaw, VA Mitkevich, ...
Journal of molecular biology 354 (4), 967-978, 2005
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