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Enantioselective isotactic alternating copolymerization of styrene and 4‐methylstyrene with carbon monoxide catalyzed by a cationic bioxazoline pd (II) complex
S Bartolini, C Carfagna, A Musco
Macromolecular rapid communications 16 (1), 9-14, 1995
Counterion effect on CO/styrene copolymerization catalyzed by cationic palladium (II) organometallic complexes: An interionic structural and dynamic investigation based on NMR …
A Macchioni, G Bellachioma, G Cardaci, M Travaglia, C Zuccaccia, ...
Organometallics 18 (16), 3061-3069, 1999
Palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions of aryl triflates or halides with ketene trimethylsilyl acetals. A new route to alkyl 2-arylalkanoates
C Carfagna, A Musco, G Sallese, R Santi, T Fiorani
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 56 (1), 261-263, 1991
The regio-and stereoselectivities of the reaction of allyl acetates and silyl ketene acetals catalyzed by palladium (0) complexes: a new route to cyclopropane derivatives
C Carfagna, L Mariani, A Musco, G Sallese, R Santi
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 56 (12), 3924-3927, 1991
Highly efficient catalytic system for the CO/styrene copolymerization: Toward the stabilization of the active species
B Milani, G Corso, G Mestroni, C Carfagna, M Formica, R Seraglia
Organometallics 19 (17), 3435-3441, 2000
Subtle balance of steric and electronic effects for the synthesis of atactic polyketones catalyzed by Pd complexes with meta-substituted aryl-BIAN ligands
A Scarel, MR Axet, F Amoroso, F Ragaini, CJ Elsevier, A Holuigue, ...
Organometallics 27 (7), 1486-1494, 2008
Syndiotactic CO/Styrene Copolymerization Catalyzed by α-Diimine Pd (II) Complexes: Regio-and Stereochemical Control
C Carfagna, G Gatti, D Martini, C Pettinari
Organometallics 20 (11), 2175-2182, 2001
The Effect of Counterion/Ligand Interplay on the Activity and Stereoselectivity of Palladium(II)–Diimine Catalysts for CO/p‐Methylstyrene Copolymerization
B Binotti, G Bellachioma, G Cardaci, C Carfagna, C Zuccaccia, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 13 (5), 1570-1582, 2007
Very Stable Palladium (II)−(N− N) Catalysts for the Synthesis of High-Molecular-Weight CO/Styrene Polyketones
B Milani, A Scarel, G Mestroni, S Gladiali, R Taras, C Carfagna, L Mosca
Organometallics 21 (7), 1323-1325, 2002
Long‐Lived Palladium Catalysts for CO/Vinyl Arene Polyketones Synthesis: A Solution to Deactivation Problems
J Durand, E Zangrando, M Stener, G Fronzoni, C Carfagna, B Binotti, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 12 (29), 7639-7651, 2006
Nucleophilic attack at the central allyl carbon atom in [(. eta. 3-allyl) ML2]+ complexes (M= palladium, platinum). Experimental facts and new theoretical insights
C Carfagna, R Galarini, K Linn, JA Lopez, C Mealli, A Musco
Organometallics 12 (8), 3019-3028, 1993
Synthesis of benzothiophene derivatives by Pd-catalyzed or radical-promoted heterocyclodehydration of 1-(2-mercaptophenyl)-2-yn-1-ols
B Gabriele, R Mancuso, E Lupinacci, L Veltri, G Salerno, C Carfagna
The Journal of organic chemistry 76 (20), 8277-8286, 2011
Mono‐and Dinuclear Bioxazoline–Palladium Complexes for the Stereocontrolled Synthesis of CO/Styrene Polyketones
A Scarel, J Durand, D Franchi, E Zangrando, G Mestroni, C Carfagna, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 11 (20), 6014-6023, 2005
Trifluoroethanol: key solvent for palladium-catalyzed polymerization reactions
A Scarel, J Durand, D Franchi, E Zangrando, G Mestroni, B Milani, ...
Journal of organometallic chemistry 690 (8), 2106-2120, 2005
Palladium complexes with 3-alkyl-substituted-1, 10-phenanthrolines: effect of the remote alkyl substituent on the CO/olefin copolymerization reactions
A Scarel, B Milani, E Zangrando, M Stener, S Furlan, G Fronzoni, ...
Organometallics 23 (23), 5593-5605, 2004
Solution structure investigations of olefin Pd (II) and Pt (II) complex ion pairs bearing α-diimine ligands by 19F, 1H-HOESY NMR
G Bellachioma, B Binotti, G Cardaci, C Carfagna, A Macchioni, S Sabatini, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 330 (1), 44-51, 2002
Mechanistic aspects of isotactic CO/styrene copolymerization catalyzed by oxazoline palladium (II) complexes
B Binotti, C Carfagna, G Gatti, D Martini, L Mosca, C Pettinari
Organometallics 22 (5), 1115-1123, 2003
Reaction of allyl acetates and ketene silyl acetals catalyzed by palladium (0) complexes Part II. Cyclopropanation vs. allylic alkylation
C Carfagna, R Galarini, A Musco, R Santi
Journal of Molecular Catalysis 72 (1), 19-27, 1992
Structure and Reactivity of η2 (3e)-Nitrile and η2 (3e)-Alkyne Complexes of Niobium
M Etienne, C Carfagna, P Lorente, R Mathieu, D de Montauzon
Organometallics 18 (16), 3075-3086, 1999
Quantitative formation of the intermediate of alkene insertion in the copolymerization of p-methylstyrene and carbon monoxide catalyzed by [(PriDAB) Pd (Me)(NCMe)]+ BAr4–
C Carfagna
Chemical Communications, 1113-1114, 1998
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