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Defining the clinical course of multiple sclerosis: the 2013 revisions
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HER2 Status and Efficacy of Adjuvant Anthracyclines in Early Breast Cancer: A Pooled Analysis of Randomized Trials
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Glatiramer acetate reduces the proportion of new MS lesions evolving into “black holes”
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Comparison of MS clinical phenotypes using conventional and magnetization transfer MRI
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Assessing brain atrophy rates in a large population of untreated multiple sclerosis subtypes
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Evidence-based guidelines: MAGNIMS consensus guidelines on the use of MRI in multiple sclerosis—establishing disease prognosis and monitoring patients
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Magnetic resonance imaging as a potential surrogate for relapses in multiple sclerosis: a meta‐analytic approach
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Evidence-based guidelines: MAGNIMS consensus guidelines on the use of MRI in multiple sclerosis—clinical implementation in the diagnostic process
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Scoring treatment response in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis
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Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation suppresses Gd-enhanced MRI activity in MS
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A diagnostic score for molecular analysis of hereditary autoinflammatory syndromes with periodic fever in children
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Prognostic Value of MR and Magnetization Transfer Imaging Findings in Patients withClinically Isolated Syndromes Suggestive ofMultiple Sclerosis at Presentation
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Treatment of acute graft-versus-host disease with prednisolone: significant survival advantage for day+ 5 responders and no advantage for nonresponders receiving anti–thymocyte …
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Age-related Changes in Conventional, Magnetization Transfer, and Diffusion-Tensor MR Imaging Findings: Study with Whole-Brain Tissue Histogram Analysis1
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Radiology 227 (3), 731-738, 2003
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