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Straightforward access to pyrazines, piperazinones, and quinoxalines by reactions of 1, 2-diaza-1, 3-butadienes with 1, 2-diamines under solution, solvent-free, or solid-phase†…
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A new indole-3-carbinol tetrameric derivative inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase 6 expression, and induces G1 cell cycle arrest in both estrogen-dependent and estrogen†…
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Inverse‐Electron‐Demand'Diels‐Alder Reactions of (E)‐3‐Diazenylbut‐2‐enes in Water
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Cultivating the Passion to Build Heterocycles from 1, 2‐Diaza‐1, 3‐dienes: the Force of Imagination
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Copper (II)/Copper (I)-Catalyzed Aza-Michael Addition/Click Reaction of in Situ Generated α-Azidohydrazones: Synthesis of Novel Pyrazolone− Triazole Framework
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A new and efficient synthesis of ortho-and para-benzoquinones of cardanol derivatives by the catalytic system MeReO 3–H 2 O 2
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Working twenty years on conjugated azo-alkenes (and environs) to find new entries in organic synthesis
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Reaction of Some 1, 2-Diaza-1, 3-butadienes with Activated Methine Compounds. A Straightforward Entry to 1, 4-Dihydropyridazine, Pyridazine, and 4, 5 (4 H, 5 H†…
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An efficient one-pot, three-component synthesis of 5-hydrazinoalkylidene rhodanines from 1, 2-diaza-1, 3-dienes
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Azavinyl Azomethine Ylides from Thermal Ring Opening of α-Aziridinohydrazones: Unprecedented 1, 5-Electrocyclization to Imidazoles
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Effect of metal ions in organic synthesis; Part XXIII. Easy and high-yield direct synthesis of 3-aminocarbonyl-1-ureidopyrroles by the copper (II) chloride-catalyzed reaction†…
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Cardanol-A versatile natural fine chemical largely available today
OA Attanasi, S Buratti, P Filippone
La Chimica e l'Industria 78, 693, 1996
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