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The low diverse gastric microbiome of the jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata is dominated by four novel taxa
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Diversity of extremely halophilic cultivable prokaryotes in Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific solar salterns: evidence that unexplored sites constitute sources of cultivable …
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Release LTP_12_2020, featuring a new ARB alignment and improved 16S rRNA tree for prokaryotic type strains
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Recovering microbial genomes from metagenomes in hypersaline environments: the good, the bad and the ugly
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Genomic comparison between members of the Salinibacteraceae family, and description of a new species of Salinibacter (Salinibacter altiplanensis sp. nov.) isolated from high …
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Flavobacterium pokkalii sp. nov., a novel plant growth promoting native rhizobacteria isolated from pokkali rice grown in coastal saline affected agricultural regions of …
RR Menon, S Kumari, T Viver, N Rameshkumar
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Temperature modulates Fischerella thermalis ecotypes in Porcelana hot spring
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Predominance of deterministic microbial community dynamics in salterns exposed to different light intensities
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First description of two moderately halophilic and psychrotolerant Mycoplasma species isolated from cephalopods and proposal of Mycoplasma marinum sp. nov. and Mycoplasma …
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An ANI gap within bacterial species that advances the definitions of intra-species units
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Toward quantifying the adaptive role of bacterial pangenomes during environmental perturbations
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The ISME Journal 16 (5), 1222-1234, 2022
Distinct ecotypes within a natural haloarchaeal population enable adaptation to changing environmental conditions without causing population sweeps
T Viver, RE Conrad, LH Orellana, M Urdiain, JE González-Pastor, JK Hatt, ...
The ISME Journal 15 (4), 1178-1191, 2021
Taxonomic study of nine new Winogradskyella species occurring in the shallow waters of Helgoland Roads, North Sea. Proposal of Winogradskyella schleiferi sp. nov …
C Alejandre-Colomo, T Viver, M Urdiain, B Francis, J Harder, P Kämpfer, ...
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 43 (6), 126128, 2020
Towards estimating the number of strains that make up a natural bacterial population
T Viver, RE Conrad, LM Rodriguez-R, AS Ramírez, SN Venter, ...
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Cultivable Winogradskyella species are genomically distinct from the sympatric abundant candidate species
C Alejandre-Colomo, B Francis, T Viver, J Harder, BM Fuchs, ...
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Solar salterns as model systems to study the units of bacterial diversity that matter for ecosystem functioning
KT Konstantinidis, T Viver, RE Conrad, SN Venter, R Rossello-Mora
Current opinion in biotechnology 73, 151-157, 2022
Description of three new Alteromonas species Alteromonas antoniana sp. nov., Alteromonas lipotrueae sp. nov. and Alteromonas lipotrueiana sp. nov. isolated from marine …
JF Gago, T Viver, M Urdiain, S Pastor, P Kämpfer, E Ferreira, ...
Systematic and applied microbiology 44 (4), 126226, 2021
Transfer of Meiothermus chliarophilus (Tenreiro et al.1995) Nobre et al. 1996, Meiothermus roseus Ming et al. 2016, Meiothermus terrae Yu et al. 2014 and Meiothermus timidus Pires et al. 2005, to Calidithermus gen …
P Raposo, T Viver, L Albuquerque, H Froufe, C Barroso, C Egas, ...
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 69 (4 …, 2019
Food determines ephemerous and non-stable gut microbiome communities in juvenile wild and farmed Mediterranean fish
T Viver, A Ruiz, E Bertomeu, M Martorell-Barceló, M Urdiain, A Grau, ...
Science of The Total Environment 889, 164080, 2023
Inverted microbial community stratification and spatial–temporal stability in hypersaline anaerobic sediments from the S’Avall solar salterns
F Font-Verdera, R Liébana, B Aldeguer-Riquelme, V Gangloff, F Santos, ...
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 44 (5), 126231, 2021
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