Francesco Locatello
Francesco Locatello
PhD student, ETH Zürich, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
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Challenging common assumptions in the unsupervised learning of disentangled representations
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On Matching Pursuit and Coordinate Descent
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Are Disentangled Representations Helpful for Abstract Visual Reasoning?
S van Steenkiste, F Locatello, J Schmidhuber, O Bachem
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The incomplete rosetta stone problem: Identifiability results for multi-view nonlinear ica
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On the Fairness of Disentangled Representations
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On the Transfer of Inductive Bias from Simulation to the Real World: a New Disentanglement Dataset
MW Gondal, M Wüthrich, Đ Miladinović, F Locatello, M Breidt, V Volchkov, ...
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Stochastic Conditional Gradient Method for Composite Convex Minimization
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arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.10348, 2019
Greedy Optimization and Applications to Structured Tensor Factorizations
F Locatello
ETH Zürich, Department of Computer Science, 2016
Optimization Convergence of Matching Pursuit Algorithms
F Locatello, M Tschannen, R Khanna, M Jaggi
SPARS 2017 1 (1.5), 1.5, 0
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