Amit Kumar Jaiswal
Amit Kumar Jaiswal
University of Bedfordshire, University of Leeds
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Identifying pneumonia in chest X-rays: a deep learning approach
AK Jaiswal, P Tiwari, S Kumar, D Gupta, A Khanna, JJPC Rodrigues
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Overview of the hasoc track at fire 2020: Hate speech and offensive language identification in tamil, malayalam, hindi, english and german
T Mandl, S Modha, GK Shahi, AK Jaiswal, D Nandini, D Patel, ...
Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation, 29-32, 2020
A blockchain-enabled multi domain edge computing orchestrator
VK Rathi, V Chaudhary, NK Rajput, B Ahuja, AK Jaiswal, D Gupta, ...
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Covidpen: A novel covid-19 detection model using chest x-rays and ct scans
AK Jaiswal, P Tiwari, VK Rathi, J Qian, HM Pandey, VHC Albuquerque
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Evidence of power-law behavior in cognitive IoT applications
S Bebortta, D Senapati, NK Rajput, AK Singh, VK Rathi, HM Pandey, ...
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Semi-supervised learning for cancer detection of lymph node metastases
AK Jaiswal, I Panshin, D Shulkin, N Aneja, S Abramov
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Utilising information foraging theory for user interaction with image query auto-completion
AK Jaiswal, H Liu, I Frommholz
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Quantum-like generalization of complex word embedding: a lightweight approach for textual classification.
AK Jaiswal, G Holdack, I Frommholz, H Liu
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Information foraging for enhancing implicit feedback in content-based image recommendation
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Effects of foraging in personalized content-based image recommendation
AK Jaiswal, H Liu, I Frommholz
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Parsec: A state channel for the internet of value
AK Jaiswal
arXiv preprint arXiv:1807.11378, 2018
SQL Query Generator For Natural Language
AK Jaiswal, V Yadav, VS Singh
Semantic Hilbert Space for Interactive Image Retrieval
AK Jaiswal, H Liu, I Frommholz
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Reinforcement Learning-driven Information Seeking: A Quantum Probabilistic Approach
AK Jaiswal, H Liu, I Frommholz
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Investigating Interactive Information Retrieval via Information Foraging Theory
AK Jaiswal
FDIA Workshop, ICTIR, 2018
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