Gilbert Daniel Nessim
Gilbert Daniel Nessim
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry / Nanotechnology, Bar Ilan
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Tuning of vertically-aligned carbon nanotube diameter and areal density through catalyst pre-treatment
GD Nessim, AJ Hart, JS Kim, D Acquaviva, J Oh, CD Morgan, M Seita, ...
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GD Nessim
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M Somekh, E Shawat, GD Nessim
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Do we need covalent bonding of Si nanoparticles on graphene oxide for Li-ion batteries?
Y Miroshnikov, G Grinbom, G Gershinsky, GD Nessim, D Zitoun
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What is below the support layer affects carbon nanotube growth: an iron catalyst reservoir yields taller nanotube carpets
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A R÷thlisberger, M Seita, A Reiser, E Shawat, R Spolenak, GD Nessim
Carbon 63, 498-507, 2013
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