Shingo Sotoma
Shingo Sotoma
Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University
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Comprehensive and quantitative analysis for controlling the physical/chemical states and particle properties of nanodiamonds for biological applications
S Sotoma, K Akagi, S Hosokawa, R Igarashi, H Tochio, Y Harada, ...
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Diamond Nanothermometry (Review)
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Effective production of fluorescent nanodiamonds containing negatively-charged nitrogen-vacancy centers by ion irradiation
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One-pot synthesis of highly dispersible fluorescent nanodiamonds for bioconjugation
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Highly stable lipid-encapsulation of fluorescent nanodiamonds for bioimaging applications
S Sotoma*, FJ Hsieh, YW Chen, PC Tsai, HC Chang*
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Fluorescent nanodiamonds as a robust temperature sensor inside a single cell
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Monodispersed colloidal solutions of surface-modified detonation-synthesized nanodiamonds and their aggregation resistance
S Sotoma, M Shirakawa
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Enrichment of ODMR-active nitrogen-vacancy centres in five-nanometre-sized detonation-synthesized nanodiamonds: Nanoprobes for temperature, angle and position
S Sotoma, D Terada, TF Segawa, R Igarashi*, Y Harada*, M Shirakawa*
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A nanodiamond-peptide bioconjugate for fluorescence and ODMR microscopy of a single actin filament
T Genjo, S Sotoma, R Tanabe, R Igarashi, M Shirakawa
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Biohybrid fluorescent nanodiamonds as dual‐contrast markers for light and electron microscopies (Review)
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Single-Step Metal-Free Grafting of Cationic Polymer Brushes on Fluorescent Nanodiamonds
S Sotoma*, FJ Hsieh, HC Chang*
Materials 11 (8), 2018
Bioorthogonal Fluorescent Nanodiamonds for Continuous Long-Term Imaging and Tracking of Membrane Proteins
FJ Hsieh†, S Sotoma†, HH Lin, CY Cheng, TY Yu, CL Hsieh, CH Lin*, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (22), 19774, 2019
Manipulating the distribution of electric field intensity to effectively enhance the spatial and spectral fluorescence intensity of fluorescent nanodiamonds
SJ Kuo, PC Tsai, YC Lee, SW Chang, S Sotoma, CY Fang, HC Chang, ...
Nanoscale 10 (37), 17576-17584, 2018
Moderate plasma treatment enhances the quality of optically detected magnetic resonance signals of nitrogen-vacancy centres in nanodiamonds
S Sotoma, R Igarashi, M Shirakawa
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Tracking the 3D Rotational Dynamics in Nanoscopic Biological Systems
R Igarashi, T Sugi, S Sotoma, T Genjo, Y Kumiya, E Walinda, H Ueno, ...
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Dual-Functionalized Fluorescent Nanodiamond as Nanoheater and Nanothermometer in Cells
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Polydopamine coating as a scaffold for ring-opening chemistry to functionalize gold nanoparticles
S Sotoma*, Y Harada
Langmuir 35 (25), 8357, 2019
Characterization and applications of fluorescent nanodiamonds surface-coated with photo-crosslinked lipids
S Sotoma*, FJ Hsieh, YW Chen, J Chen, K Wardhani, PC Tsai, ...
Advances in Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication XI …, 2018
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