Marcella Bonchio
Marcella Bonchio
Full Professor of Advanced Organic Chemistry, University of Padova
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Chiral Strandberg‐Type Molybdates [(RPO3)2Mo5O15]2− as Molecular Gelators: Self‐Assembled Fibrillar Nanostructures with Enhanced Optical Activity
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Titanium(IV)−(R,R,R)-Tris(2-phenylethoxy)amine− Alkylperoxo Complex Mediated Oxidations:  The Biphilic Nature of the Oxygen Transfer to Organic Sulfur …
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Photoinduced Water Oxidation by a Tetraruthenium Polyoxometalate Catalyst: Ion-pairing and Primary Processes with Ru(bpy)32+ Photosensitizer
M Natali, M Orlandi, S Berardi, S Campagna, M Bonchio, A Sartorel, ...
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Photooxidation in water by new hybrid molecular photocatalysts integrating an organic sensitizer with a polyoxometalate core
M Bonchio, M Carraro, G Scorrano, A Bagno
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 346 (6), 648-654, 2004
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